Enterprises in Serbia: The Business Registers Agency’s report

The 2016 financial reports show that, for the first time since 2012, Serbian companies have over a million employees.

Overall, in 2016, Serbian companies employed around 45,000 new workers with most of them finding employment in small companies which were also the most successful. They generated a profit of 229.3 billion dinars, while micro enterprises, on the other hand, recorded the biggest losses.

In regard to individual economy segments, the biggest losses were recorded by financial companies, namely insurance, followed by construction and real estate companies. The best business results were recorded in the processing sector. The Business Registers Agency says that the losses accumulated by micro enterprises are due to the insufficient financial support.

“In the last three years, micro companies have never recorded profit. In contrast, small companies generated a very high profit, over 88 billion dinars. They are stable, unlike micro enterprises which are still wandering around, not being able to “find themselves” so to speak, and not being able to expand their operations and increase the number of their employees”, says Ruza Stamenkovic from the Business Registers Agency.

“What is the prevailing theme for this year is that many companies have been operating positively and have accomplished much better results. Also, the number of companies which have been recording losses has gone down, and there are some companies that haven’t recorded loss or profit. In 2016, small, medium and large enterprises mostly did good, while micro companies were the ones recording the loss in the amount of over 35 billion dinars”, Stamenkovic adds.

“Small companies have employed the biggest number of people – 16,845, followed by medium and large. It is important that small companies continue to grow because they employ 28% of the entire workforce, while large ones employ 29%” – Stamenkovic concludes.

(N1, 24.04.2017)

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