Companies can already start sending and receiving e-invoices

“Both the demo and the final version of the new e-invoicing system are ready,” said Aleksandar Vasić, a tax advisor and member of the Council of the Association of Tax Advisors of Serbia.

Last week, the amendments to the rules and regulations approved by the Law on e-invoicing were adopted, thus making the e-invoicing system ready before 1st May.

All users who registered for the old demo version now have to log in again and go through the registration process for the new version. The registration process on the  website is very simple even though there are changes in the application itself compared to the old demo version, which was incomplete. In the new version, VAT registrations are available, as well as the invoice form and invoice elements have been modified for registration functionality.

Regarding the implementation of the Law on Electronic Invoicing, Vasić explains that it is mandatory for public and private sector enterprises to use e-invoices as of 1st May this year. Specifically, the private sector is obligated to send e-invoices to the public sector, according to the Law.

“As of 1st July, all invoices that private sector companies receive should also be in electronic format. The next deadline for the full adherence and implementation of the e-invoicing system is 1 January 2023, when private sector companies are obligated to both send and receive invoices via the e-invoicing system,” Vasić added.

(Biznis, 11.04.2022)

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