Common language: Hundreds of intellectuals sign the Declaration

The Declaration on the Common Language, which aim is to raise awareness and positively affect the current nationalistic linguistic practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, will be officially published on 30th March.

To mark this, a regional press conference will take place in Sarajevo at which professor Enver Kazaz, writer Ivana Bodrožić, Vladimir Arsenijević from the Crocodile Association, writer and journalist Balša Brković, and director of the Centre for Cultural Decontamination Borka Pavićević will present the Declaration’s text and its goals.

The Declaration was drafted by over 30 experts from various fields and four countries, after a series of regional conferences and projects held under the title “Languages and Nationalisms”, which took place in Podgorica, Split, Belgrade and Sarajevo from April to November 2016.

So far, over two hundred linguists, writers, scientists, activities and other public figures from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia have signed the Declaration including Rade Šerbedžija, Boris Dežulović, Igor Štiks, Mirjana Karanović, Marko Tomaš, Nenad Veličković, Teofil Pančić, Rajko Grlić, Filip David, Borka Pavićević, Jasmila Žbanić, Dragan Markovina, Boris Buden, Viktor Ivančić, Biljana Srbljanović, Ranko Bugarski, Balša Brković, and Snježana Kordić.

The Declaration’s text will be posted on the project’s official website. After the press conference, there will be a panel discussion dedicated to the following topics – “What is a Common Language?” and “Language and Future”.

(Blic, 28.03.2017)

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