Coffee price to go up between 8% and 20%

The Atlantic Group, which owns the Doncafe, Grand, Bonito and C coffee brands, making it practically the only relevant stakeholder in the traditional coffee market, will increase its coffee prices from July 1 by 8 to 20 percent, depending on the brand.

The Atlantic Group has informed the Commission for the Protection of Competition about the planned increase in coffee prices.

As an explanation for the price increase, the Atlantic group cited “the increase in the price of raw coffee in the global stock market”, noting that the company operates “in an environment where raw materials and services are expensive and in the case of coffee, this is mainly due to a bad harvest, logistical problems with maritime transport, low availability coffee on the spot and the involvement of various funds on the stock exchanges”.

The founder and co-owner of the Gomex retail chain, Goran Kovačević, said that he believed that most retail chains would not change their margins on coffee, but would apply the existing margin to the new base price.

Atlantic had previously increased the price of coffee in December 2022, between 11 to 15 percent, depending on the brand.

Previously, Strauss Adriatic, which was acquired by Atlantic Group in March 2024, increased the prices of its coffee brands by 15 to 20 percent in August 2022.

(Vreme, 13.06.2024)

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