Close to 15,000 people die of air pollution-related illnesses in Serbia every year

A protest against growing air pollution was held in Belgrade yesterday. Protesters gathered in front of the government building, demanding for the adoption of measures against pollution and adequate information on the subject.

The protesters, gathered by the informal civil group called Eco Guard, gathered at Slavija Square, from where they proceeded to the government building, carrying banners with the inscription “For a smog-free Serbia!”

Dragana Djordjevic, head of the Centre for Chemistry and Environmental Engineering at the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, addressed the citizens, saying that “Serbia is a signatory of the Paris Agreement and has agreed to reduce the use of fossil fuels by 20 per cent by the end of 2020, to increase energy efficiency by 20 per cent and to increase the use of energy from renewable sources.”

“None of this has been done. The air does not recognize administrative borders, so we are polluting the countries in the region too, which are in the EU. This will mean serious consequences for Serbia,” Djordjevic underlined.

Bojan Simisic from Eco Guard said that the biggest problem is that people in Serbia do not have clear information about pollution and many do not even know how to interpret air pollution-related results, where to look for them and what they mean for health. Simisic also added that “15,000 people die every year due to pollution, which is a population of an average small town in Serbia”.

“The goal is to gather people around this issue and send a request to the institutions to finally start solving the problem of pollution,” he said.

“Measurements are not taken where the pollution is the heaviest, and because the highest values are not presented, people are deceived (about the air quality),” Simisic said.

(Bizlife, 10.01.2021)



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