Clark:”I think that Serbia will recognize Kosovo’s independence in the end”

Former NATO Commander-in-Chief Wesley Clark said that the presence of KFOR is an important factor for preserving peace and stability in the Balkans.

“I think the presence of KFOR in the region is an important factor. I think that the good work of Ambassador Christopher Hill in Serbia is also a positive factor. I believe that we are doing what we can from the perspective of the United States and NATO to ensure that there is no new conflict in the Balkans. But, you know, a lot depends on what happens in Ukraine. Western countries and Washington should intensify their efforts to give Ukraine greater military aid and help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression”, said Clark.

Asked why 25 years after the NATO bombing, Kosovo is still fighting for admission to the international community and Serbia still refuses to recognize independence, Clark said that a large part of the resistance is fueled by Russia, which does not want to recognize Kosovo.

“I think that Russia is using this issue to create a rift between Western democracies”, he stated.

Clark also spoke about the pressures that the international community is exerting on Kosovo.

“When I analyze the international community, I see great pressure being exerted on Serbia. I think the pressure is guaranteed because Serbia is trying to sit on two chairs. I think that on the one hand, smart people in Serbia understand that it is necessary to have good relations with the West, but I think that certain radical political parties in Serbia are still trying to advance their selfish interests to preserve the relationship with Russia,” said the American general.

Speaking about dialogue and efforts to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia, Clark said that Serbia will recognize Kosovo eventually.

“I think that Serbia will eventually recognize Kosovo as a state. I believe that a lot will depend on how the war in Ukraine ends, i.e. if Ukraine is admitted to NATO membership and how Russia will respond to this. In the end, as President Obama said, history will obey justice. I think the justice in this case is that the Serbs will put aside their historical ambitions and insecurities and move into the 21st century. Kosovo and all other countries in the region should do the same”, he said.

(Vesti Online, 02.04.2024)

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