Claims against Agrokor to be submitted by 9th June

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce invites companies and individuals from Serbia to submit their claims against Agrokor or the companies that operate under it.

The Chamber also reminds the companies that, in accordance with the Law on Receivership in Companies of Systemic Importance to the Republic of Croatia, the claims should be made by 9th June, 2017 the latest.

The Law also stipulates that no receivership, litigious, and executive procedures can be launched against Agrokor or its subsidiaries. Instead of that, the creditors can submit their claims to the appointed commissioner 60 days before the receivership procedure starts.

Claims can also include those that are not due considering that the Law stipulates that, once the receivership procedure starts, even those claims that are not due can be submitted. Creditors can also include insured claims, as well as those with the right of separate settlement.

If the creditors fail to submit their claims by the said deadline, the claims will be considered null and void.

If the commissioner ascertains that the creditor has submitted its claims before the said deadline, the claims will be included in his report and in subsequent court documents providing they haven’t been disputed by Agrokor. In the case of disputed claims, creditors should launch separate court proceedings during which they should prove the existence of their claims.

It is difficult to ascertain at the given moment in which way are the claims against Agrokor going to be settled and to what degree.

The list of companies against which claims can be made can be found here – .

(eKapija, 23.05.2017)


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