Civil servants: We expect higher salaries

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation, led by James Roaf, came to Belgrade on Monday to meet with the Finance Minister, Sinisa Mali.

The IMF delegation, which will be in Belgrade until 13th June, will talk to Serbian officials in the next three days to finalize talks about a new advisory arrangement, Tanjug said on Monday.

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Other topics that the IMF delegation will discuss with the Serbian officials are a hike in pensions and civil servant salaries, as well as the public sector reform.

Before he met with the new Serbian Finance Minister, James Roaf met with journalists to answer a few questions, including how much will pensions and civil servant salaries go up.

“Higher salaries are possible provided the economy continues to develop, i.e. if the fiscal stabilization and the arrival of foreign investors continue. If these trends persist, then we can expect a salary increase”, Roaf said and refused to say if that was the case now.

A possible increase in salaries would, according to the Fiscal Council’s calculation, should be about five percent, reflecting GDP growth. Still, they believe that future hikes should not be the same for all.

“The time has come to see who is below the objective level, and who is receiving more than they should. In terms of salaries, the healthcare workers are lagging behind the most, while the police and the army already have salaries that are above the expected”, said Fiscal Council member, Vladimir Vuckovic.

Also, teachers have high expectations too.

“Education workers’ salaries are calculated according to the coefficients 1, 2, 3. We expect higher salaries for auxiliary staff, the administration and the professors, whose salaries should be at 74,000 dinars, which means that we expect a significant increases considering that everyone keeps saying how important the education system is”, says Jasna Jankovic from the Teacher Trade Union.

(B92, 11.06.2018)


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