Citizens and businesses pay nearly 1,200 various types of taxes and administration fees

In Serbia, citizens and businesses pay nearly 1,200 various administration fees and taxes to the state, a total of 167 billion dinars last year.

These are the results of an analysis conducted by NALED and KPMG as part of the reform of non-taxable revenues.

The goal of this project, which is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is to reduce the parafiscal burden and increase the transparency and predictability of all fees that businesses and citizens pay to the state. The gist of the proposed reform was presented to the Serbian Ministry of Finance.

Igor Lončarević, vice president of the Alliance for Fair Competition at NALED and partner at KPMG, states that out of 1,189 fees and taxes prescribed in more than 200 laws and 270 decrees, more than a quarter, or 331, it does not go through the treasury system.

“This means that the Ministry of Finance does not have complete and accurate reports on the amounts charged. We want to support the Ministry of Finance through the project and jointly regulate this area for the benefit of all – citizens, businesses and the state,” says Lončarević.

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According to him, in addition to fees and duties at the national level, there are also fees and duties that citizens and businesses have to pay to public enterprises, cities and municipalities.

Lončarević says that one of the main problems with these levies is that the data on them is not easily accessible and updated.

“This is why one of the main reform proposals that NALED has been insisting on for years is the creation of a publicly accessible electronic register of all fees and duties. That register would record all the taxes, duties and other non-taxable levies that businesses and citizens have to pay, and the state would be responsible for updating it, ” he explains.

(Biznis i Finansije, 06.10.2020)


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