CINS:”Political parties paid 8 billion dinars from state budget in last six years”

The Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism (CINS) has created a data base showing financing of political parties and groups, while allowing users to track the money political parties receive.

The data base titled Party Coffer (Stranacka Kasa) includes data on 25 parties and groups that received a total of 8 billion dinars from the state budget between 2015 and 2021.

The data base also shows that political parties spent 3.6 billion of that amount on advertising alone.

“The data base includes information on budget funds, private donations, company donations, property rentals and advertising, rental and training costs. These are the expenses of some of the most influential parties and groups which have been reviewed by the Anti-Corruption Agency,” CINS said.

The Center also said that the data was taken from financial reports published on official websites of political parties and from the Anti-Corruption Agency’s registry.

CINS also said that it would regularly update the data base.

(Nova, 18.03.2022)


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