Cinkarna Celje plans to invest 300mln EUR in Serbia

The chemical company from Slovenia, Cinkarna Celje, which specializes in the production of titanium dioxide, is contemplating building a factory in Serbia after 2020, worth between 250 to 300 million EUR.

As Tomaz Bencina, CEO of Cinkarna Celje, says, the company’s Supervisory Board has given a green light to researching appropriate locations for the new factory, and drafting a feasibility study. Bencina adds that the company’s current factories cannot handle the increase in production.

“Greater expansion of titanium dioxide production is possible only outside Celje, and I don’t think that that we would be granted a license to open another production line in Celje”, Bencina adds.

According to the STA news agency, Bencina said that because of the EU ecological standards that factories should abide by, Cinkarna Celje could only expand the production in existing capacities, but refused to confirm whether the company would expand to Serbia.

Cinkarna Celje is the smallest titanium dioxide producer in Europe and has between 4% and 5% share in the European titanium dioxide market.

(Blic, 09.02.2018)

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