Cineplexx cinema in Belgrade now has the newest IMAX laser screening technology

Movie scenes shot with special cameras, a huge screen, a laser projector, a sharper image, a wider range of colours and 12-channel sound that spreads from speakers positioned throughout the hall, all part of the latest IMAX technology, can now be enjoyed at Cineplexx’s cinema in the Galerija shopping mall in Belgrade.

“This is the only cinema in this part of Europe that has introduced IMAX technology for film projection,” says Aleksandra Garić, from the Cineplexx Company, talking to journalists yesterday at the Galerija movie theatre, spanning a total of 336 square metres, with 492 seats.

The cinema screen here is as big as two tennis courts and as such, is the biggest in the region.

The highest resolution IMAX cameras have been used by renowned film directors such as Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. The Cineplexx cinema at Galerija now also has a 4K laser projector for better viewing experiences. The advantages of this technology are the sharpness of the image, which totally realistic, better light and contrast than the previous standard image, as well as a wider range of colours.

The cinema also has 12-channel-speakers placed on all sides, including on the ceiling (they can be moved as needed).

The first film to be screened here is Godzilla vs. Kong and tickets will go on sale tomorrow. Because of the latest IMAX technology used, tickets will be somewhat more expensive than usual – for 3D screenings they will be 990 dinars, and for 2D 790 dinars.

(Nova, 25.03.2021)

Photo credits: “Vesna Lalić/”


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