Cinema operators against the use of COVID pass

The Film Screening Group, which operates under the auspices of the Association for the Creative Industry of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, today demanded that in the event of the introduction of COVID passes, cinemas should be exempt from their use.

“The decision to introduce passes for cinemas would have unpredictable consequences, because the majority of the audience is made up of children, teenagers and young people, who are seldom vaccinated,” reads a letter to the State Secretary for Culture, Radovan Jokic.

The Group also said that “so far there have been no cases of infection in cinemas” and that the cited measure would lead to “the closure of cinemas, which would leave many film employees without a livelihood. We suggest that the currently valid measures relating to cinemas, concerning reduced capacity, seating distance, disinfection, etc., which have been applied very successfully up to now, remain completely unchanged,” the letter states.

As stated, the Chamber is ready to continue supporting the vaccination process by showing videos promoting vaccination before each cinema screening and on all digital displays in cinemas, as well as distributing vaccination material to visitors.

The Chamber of Commerce also argues that “as far as possible, each newly vaccinated spectator, who received the first dose in the seven days before, should be allowed to buy a cinema ticket with a maximum discount”.

The Group’s representatives, Miloš Biković, Ivan Hinić and Nebojša Ćetković, recalled that it was extremely difficult for cinemas to endure the closure due to the 6-month-long pandemic during 2020, and that the implementation of existing measures and the reduction of capacity allowed them to resume work.

(RTV, 20.09.2021)

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