Cinema City Festival in Belgrade and Novi Sad

This year’s international film festival, Cinema City, will showcase 10 great films from around the world in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Thanks to the partnership with the Cinema City Association and Dorćol Platz, Cinema City will be held in Belgrade from December 3 to 5, while in Novi Sad, the Festival will be held from November 25 to December 1 at the Svilara Culture Station and the SKCNS Fabrika.

The following films will be screened – El Planeta (2021) by Argentinian director Amalia Ulman, a dark comedy about modern poverty, female desire and the traditionally complicated relationship between mother and daughter, the American drama Fremont (2023), the French drama Sons of Ramses (2022), directed by Clément Cogitore, drama/comedy Hi, Mom (2023), fairy-tale-like semi-documentary The Castle (2023), Chinese drama Ripples of Life (2021) directed by Wei Shu Jun, Iranian film Achilles (2023), American drama Gasoline Rainbow (2023) and MMXX (2023). Power Alley (2023), by the Brazilian director Lillah Halla, will officially open the Festival.

(City Magazine, 22.11.2023)

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