Cigarettes more expensive as of 1st July

Cigarettes in Serbia will cost 10 dinars more per packet from July 1, so the cheapest packet will cost 300 dinars and the most expensive up to 580 dinars.

The reason for the increase in the price of cigarettes is the increase in the specific excise tax by 1.5 dinars, which is adjusted twice a year, in January and July.

The state will then take 81.25 dinars from producers instead of the previous 79.75 dinars per packet. The price levelling will be done twice a year until 2025, while the excise tax, charged on cigarettes, will remain unchanged at 33 percent for the next three years.  

The reason for this is Serbia’s obligation to harmonize tobacco prices with the European Union’s standards, according to which by 2025, instead of the current 70, the state should earn at least 90 euros per 1,000 cigarettes or 1.8 euros per pack. According to this dynamic, in three years’ time, the prices of cigarettes in Serbia will be the same as those in the European Union.

Although the price increase will be gradual, it is fairly certain that Serbia will not be bypassed by European regulations. The excise tax on liquids for filling electronic cigarettes will be increased in the coming days too by one dinar per millimetre, which means that those smokers who use e-cigarettes will have to spend a bit more, as will those who use the increasingly popular non-burning tobacco, the price of which will also go up by an average of 10 dinars per packet.

(Mondo, 28.06.2022)


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