Cigarette prices to go up in February

Cigarette prices will go up in February as a result of an increase in excise duty, and one tobacco company has already been given a permission to raise its prices – the Blic daily writes.

The reason for the price correction is the increase in the specific excise duty in the beginning of the year. The excise has gone up by 1.5 dinars per packet.

With this correction, the state budget will now receive 67 dinars per packet from cigarette producers. In addition to this, the price of cigarettes also includes a proportional excise tax of 33 percent, plus VAT. In other words, the increase in excise will lead to an increase in other related fees and taxes that cigarette companies have to pay to the state so the actual price hike will be much higher in practice.

A source of the Blic daily says that one tobacco company was already granted a price increase on 18th January.

(Nova Ekonomija, 24.01.2018)

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