Chinese will assemble their e-buses at Ikarbus

The Chinese company, that is interested in forging a strategic partnership with RTB Bor, is one of the most successful companies in that economic segment – said the Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, Li Manchang.

In an interview for RTS, the Ambassador also said that, as far as he was aware, the representatives of the Chinese company had already been in Bor. He added that that it was a serious company that was very interested in cooperation.

He went on to say that Serbia was very important to China, and that the best illustration of that was the fact that President Aleksandar Vucic would go on an official visit to China for the third time, where he would meet with the president of that state.

“Almost no president from this region has gone to China that many times in the last four years, and President Vucic, if I’m not mistaken, is heading for China for the third time. This is a validation that Serbia is very important to us and we have friendly relations,” Manchang noted.

Asked if certain concrete arrangements, such as the contract for the construction of the Preljina-Požega motorway section, were expected to be signed in September, the ambassador replied that he expected several agreements to be signed.

When asked how many agreements Serbia had already signed with China, Manchang listed agreements on construction of bridges, fast railway, motorway, Železara Smederevo (Smederevo Power Plant), Huawei, the Kostolac power plant etc.

“Two weeks ago, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between a Chinese company and Ikarbus. The Chinese company is the manufacturer of electric buses, and it wants to assemble electric buses with Ikarbus in Serbia,” said the ambassador.

Regarding the three documents signed at the 16 + 1 summit in Sofia, including the memorandum stipulating the construction of the Fruit and Vegetable Industrial Park, the ambassador just noted that everything has been going according to plan.

“Immediately after the Sofia Summit, a group of five Chinese business people met with the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture to specifically discuss which direction this memorandum was going to take. Everything is going according to plan”, the ambassador concluded.

(B92, 29.07.2018)


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