Chinese to open a heparin factory in Leskovac?

The mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanović, said that a Chinese company has expressed interested in building a heparin production facility since Leskovac is the only town in Serbia that has a wastewater treatment plant.

The mayor also said that the treatment plant will be completed soon, adding that another 42 million dinars have been provided for its completion and that it is in very good condition.

“A total cost of the wastewater treatment plant will be around 25-26 million euro”, the mayor said, adding that the plant will become operational in the next six months.

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“That’s the reason why the Chinese company has got in touch in with us. They want to build a factory that would produce heparin, an anticoagulant used to fight COVID-19. They are interested in Leskovac since we are the only town in Serbia that has a wastewater treatment, even though it is not yet operational and needs to be completed,” Cvetanović underlined, not specifying which Chinese company it is.

(Jugmedia, 19.11.2020)

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