Chinese Product Fair in Belgrade from 24th to 26th May

The Chinese Product Fair will take place at Belgrade’s Belmax Centre from 24th to 26th May with over 60 leading companies / exhibitors from the Chinese province of Zhejiang showcasing their products from the segment of construction, interior and exterior decoration, electronics, electrical goods, lighting, machinery and other equipment.

Organizers say that the fair is an opportunity to improve the development of Serbian-Chinese trade.

“The aim of the Fair is to bring together representatives of manufacturers and traders who will attract a large number of visitors thanks to the quality of their products and services, and in particular, favourable prices. Companies from Serbia will have a unique opportunity to establish international cooperation with successful Chinese producers and thus improve their business, “says Reagon Zhou, director of the Belmax Center.

Representatives of the Zheijang province say they have active trade links with the whole world and that the trade with Serbia amounted to about 122 million euros in 2017.

“The value of Zheijang’s export to Serbia to about 114 million euros and we mostly  exported products like machinery, light industry, home appliances, textiles and hardware. Since 2006, China has been the largest trading partner of Serbia in Asia and Chinese products are very welcome in the Serbian market”, said Dai Weilong, a representative of the province of Zheijang.

This unique event takes place in 10 countries around the world, including Russia, Iran, Turkey and Vietnam, and for the first time ever, in 2017, it was held in the Balkan region, in Belgrade.

(N1, 22.05.2018)

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