Chinese investments amounted to 5.5 billion EUR

Deputy PM Zorana Mihajlovic has said that, thanks to the Belt and Road project, China’s investment in Serbia’s infrastructure has exceeded 5.5 billion euros.

“Serbia has a significant place in the Belt and Road – one of the largest global projects – and we want to take advantage of all its potential,” she underlined, emphasizing that the project “cannot be realized unless there is developed infrastructure in those countries through which it passes.” – Mihajlovic has said.

Accordingly, Mihajlovic added that she expects more Chinese investments, not only in Serbia but also in the whole region, recalling that one of the 16+1 summits between China and Central and Eastern European states was held precisely in Belgrade.

“Our country has also signed the agreement on strategic partnership with China, which has resulted in concrete projects that both domestic and Chinese companies are working on, such as the bridge over the Danube and Corridor 11, i.e., the highway that will connect Serbia with Montenegro and allow access to the Adriatic sea,” she said.

The two countries also work together on one of the most important railway projects, the modernization of the Belgrade-Budapest railway on Corridor 10, recalled Mihajlovic.

According to her, this is the fastest and the best transport connection between eastern and western Europe, and will be part of the European railway network.

“Chinese companies in Serbia also bring new technologies and knowledge, so our engineers together with their Chinese colleagues designed the aforementioned railway, where trains will travel at speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour,” Mihajlovic explained.

(InSerbia, 18.06.2017)


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