Chinese considering building a wind farm in Nova Crnja

The smallest municipality in Banat County, Nova Crnja, has very ambitious plans for development and utilization of alternative energy sources, including wind farms, solar power plants and biomass facilities.

“Our municipality has allocated 1,000 hectares of land for building combined power plants that would use both the power of wind and biogas. Also, we plan to build solar power plants too, and we have drafted all the planning documents for that purpose”, says the president of the Nova Crnja municipality, Pera Milankov.

“Two years ago, we built a wind pillar to test the conditions for wind farms. As it turns out, the conditions are excellent and we are already negotiating with Chinese investors who are willing to build a 60-megawatt-wind farm here”, Milankov adds.

He says that there is a company that has already started building a biogas plant, of 1 megawatt capacity, here. Apart from renewable energy resources, the municipality also wants to focus on tourist development and is planning to build a thermal spa. “We can offer land to investors at the price of 9,000 EUR per hectare, while NIS will supply thermal water from the nearby well”, Milankov explains and reminds that Nova Crnja has six industrial zones with complete infrastructure which span on over 200 hectares of land.

(eKapija, 21.11.2017)

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