Chinese company to invest in Cuprija

A business delegation from the Chinese county of Shuyang has visited Cuprija and signed a protocol on future cooperation in various economic segments with the authorities. 

The first Chinese investment in Cuprija, the yarn plant Eurofiber, was made in 2016, and the Chinese are now planning to open a new sock factory.

The Chinese currently employ around fifty workers in Cuprija, but they are already planning to double the capacities and the number of employees. They might build their own production hall as well, as they are currently renting the former facilities of the defunct company Ingrap.

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“Our experiences in Cuprija and Serbia have been positive so far”, Zhang Xinghuo, owner of Eurofiber, points out.

“Our company plans to double its investments here in the second half of the year. We also plan to employ more people, and the total number of workers should be around a hundred”, Xinghuo added.

Although the environment in the current production facility is very noisy and hot, and air humidity is maintained artificially due to the yarn production technology, the workers say that they are used to the work conditions and that they are satisfied with their jobs.

Shuyang County is very interested in cooperating with Serbia and Cuprija in all fields including the education. The Chinese delegation was especially interested in having Chinese students attend the School for Music Talents in Cuprija.

“Shuyang County is one of the most important counties in China and has over two million residents. It is known in China for its rapid economic development and is currently one of the thirty most developed counties”, points out Bien Jenyun, Secretary of the Communist Party of China for Shuyang County.

Turkey’s Tibet Moda has also opened a production facility in Cuprija, and the local authorities hope that the positive experiences of Eurofiber will be a good reference to other companies from China to start their European operations here.

(RTS, 11.07.2018)

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