Chinese company to build a tunnel connecting the Sava and Danube slopes in Belgrade

The Serbian government, the Belgrade authorities and the Chinese company Power China have signed the memorandum of understanding stipulating the construction of a tunnel from Karadjordjeva Street to the Danube Slope, which, as estimated, will cost around EUR 150 million to build.

The Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Sapic said that he hoped that the construction work would start the next year.

“Let’s hope that, come spring or summer, the tunnel project will catch up with the bridge project and that, within the coming calendar year, we will be able to commence the works. This project will essentially change the traffic in the city for better. The project will be implemented at the same time when the first subway line is due to be commissioned”, Sapic added.

The design plan entails two tunnel tubes of a total length of around 2km, with portals in Gavrila Principa Street, near the Faculty of Economics, and Despota Stefana Blvd, in the direction of the Pančevo Bridge, close to the Police Administration.

(eKapija, 03.07.2023)

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