Chinese company Punai opens a factory in Kraljevo

The production of refractory materials has begun at a highly automated factory of Punai d.o.o. in Kraljevo.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony officially marked the beginning of production at the former Magnohrom factory, so the tradition of the production of refractory bricks in that city has continued.

The reconstruction of the factory in Kraljevo began in 2022. According to the general director of Punai Serbia, Fan Yun Ling, the reconstruction plan was executed in two phases. During the first phase, the company is expected to produce 30,000 tonnes of products made of magnesia carbon bricks and 10,000 tonnes of unshaped products.

In the second phase, production capacities are expected to reach 20,000 tonnes of magnesia carbon bricks and 10,000 tonnes of unshaped products. Once the entire factory becomes fully operational, an annual production capacity will grow to 50,000 tonnes of magnesia carbon bricks and 20,000 tons of unshaped products.  Most of the products manufactured here will be exported to Europe.

As the representatives of the Chinese company emphasized, the first phase of the project, which is completed, cost a total of EUR 10.8 million.

After both phases are fully finished and the production line becomes fully operational, Punai will employ over 30 local workers and contribute to the local economy with around EUR 70 million of industrial production value.

(, 20.06.2023)

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