Chinese companies biggest Serbian exporters

Copper and steel are Serbia’s main export assets, with Chinese companies now occupying the leading export positions as the largest exporters from Serbia. The total value of exports of the largest 15 exporters in the first seven months of this year was 4.2 billion euros, the Ministry of Finance announced.

Three Chinese companies carry a third of exports and together they export 1.4 billion euros worth of goods, which is what Fiat, which is no longer on this list, exported on its best days in 2013 and 2014.

The largest exporter in Serbia is Zijin Mining, which owns the Čukaru Peki mine in the vicinity of Bor. This company sold gold and copper worth EUR 631.2 million abroad.

Next is its sister company Zijin Copper Serbia, the owner of the mine in Bor, which exported 427.5 million euros worth of copper. The Chinese HBIS group, the owner of the Smederevo ironworks, with exports of 374.3 million euros, ranks third.

The list includes almost the same companies as last year, with the exception of Petrohemija, which for years was the only domestic company among the largest exporters. Petrohemija is now owned by NIS which was ranked eleventh on the list, with exports of 201.1 million euros.

The fourth position is traditionally reserved for Tigar Tyers from Pirot, which exported tires worth 292.7 million euros. The top of the list also includes the German company Leoni, which exported cables worth 292.2 million euros from Prokuplje, and ZF, which manufactures systems for hybrid and electric vehicles in Pančevo, exported products worth 288.2 million euros.

The list of the 15 largest exporters also includes Yura, Philip Morris, Hemofram, Henkel and Gorenje.

(Bloomberg Adria, 11.08.2023)

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