Chinese and French companies to build Belgrade subway

The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, said that the construction of the Belgrade subway would begin in December 2021 and that the financial part of the project was completed.

He added that a French and Chinese company would be hired to do the project.

“Last week, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali and I had a meeting with the ambassadors of France and China, and they were accompanied by the representatives of the companies Alstom and POWERCHINA. An agreement was reached which is to be verified by the governments of China, France and Serbia,” said Vesic, as reported by Beoinfo.

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According to him, Alstom will be in charge of electromechanics, trains, rail cars, tracks, the entire power system, that is, the equipment to be installed in the subway, whereas the construction works are to be carried out by the Chinese company.

“The ratio will be 30% to 70%. Around 70% of the value of this job will go to the Chinese and the rest is done by the French. The French government has secured the financing of the part done by their company. I’ve never seen anyone provide such favourable conditions as the French have done for Alstom to do this project. The Government of China will secure the financing together with POWERCHINA for the other part of the job,” Vesic said.

The Belgrade subway project, Vesic added, “is worth EUR 4.4 billion; the first line is worth EUR 1.8 billion, and the second EUR 2.2 billion”.

(eKapija, 05.10.2020)

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