China’s Yangfeng and Spain’s Teknia to open factories in Kragujevac

Two foreign automotive companies – China’s Yangfeng and Spain’s Teknia – will open factories just before the entrance to Kragujevac from the direction of Batocina, next to the yet to be completed motorway leading to Corridor 10, the construction of two new car component factories.

The facility, which will house Yangfeng’s factory, is being built by the Dutch company CTP Invest at the industrial park in Kragujevac, the Sumadija Free Zone specifically, will be rented by the Chinese company Yangfeng, which is the majority owner of the American company Adient, that used to operate under Johnson Controls.

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Volkswagen’s sales and service outlet, which is currently being built by the Tasic Auto Company, will be located next to Yangfeng’s factory. The Tasic Company says that their facility would a top-notch sales and service centre of Volkswagen in this part of Europe.

In the vicinity of this construction site, the Spanish car component manufacturer Teknia has started recently building its production plant. This company had bought the Kragujevac-based Promotor IRVA and has been operating for years in the facilities of the former Zastava factory “21. Oktobar”.

The director of Teknia in Kragujevac, Slobodan Radovic, told Danas that the new facility, that spans close to 5,500 square metres, would be completed by the spring of 2020 and that around 100 workers would be employed there. 

(Danas, 02.07.2019)


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