China’s Shandong to construct four underground garages in Belgrade

The Belgrade government has assessed as “positive” the offers of the Chinese companies, China Transinfo Technology Co. Ltd. and Shandong International related to design, financing, construction and maintenance of four underground garages in Belgrade.

The tendering team had previously analyzed the documentation submitted by various companies in the process of the awarding of the concession. Based on the conclusions of financial and legal advisers of the City of Belgrade, the offers by the two Chinese companies were deemed “acceptable, timely, binding and valid”, in line with the concession documentation and rules.

The offer will be put before the City Assembly of Belgrade for a debate, and if the Assembly members agree, the project will be implemented following the signing of the agreement with the best bidder.

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Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic pointed out that a building permit and authorization for the construction of the garage in the Students’ Square (Studentski Trg) had already been secured.

“This means that the construction of this garage, with around 700 parking spaces, might begin in early March. The construction of the garage also marks the beginning of the development of the Students’ Square in line with the project drafted by Boris Podrecca, as well as the transformation of Vasina Street into a pedestrian zone and a street of culture. The projects for the garages in Fruskogorska Street in Kosancicev Venac and on the corner of Vlajkoviceva and Kosovska streets are being drafted and their construction should begin by the end of 2019 or in the spring of 2020 at the latest”, Vesic said.

He added that the project design for the garage in the Republic Square (Trg Republike) will be drafted as soon as the study concerning the Belgrade subway is finished, which will determine the route of the subway in this location. The Parking Service has been ordered to start designing the garages in Skerliceva Street, behind the National Library and under the Belgrade Drama Theatre, Vesic added.

(Seebiz, 24.10.2018)


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