China’s Minth Automotive plans to build a second factory in Šabac

The Chinese company Minth Automotive Europe has filed a request to the line government ministry for approving the environmental impact assessment study of the project of the construction of the automotive industry prodution complex in the town of Šabac.

According to the document, the plan is to build a production facility for aluminium casings and casing parts for batteries for electric cars on a land plot spanning 184,323 m2.

The facility will be located in the industrial zone of the City of Sabac (the North business zone), within Minth’s existing complex.

The location is already home to the UATE factory (United Alloy-Tech Europe doo), which belongs to Minth, and next to it is the Minal smelting plant, which will be technologically connected with the future production complex.

The complex will consist of a production facility, a water treatment facility, waste storage and other accompanying facilities, with a total gross developed area of 84,736.53 m2.

Annually, the complex will produce around 760,000 units, which are components of aluminum casings for batteries, or battery casings themselves.

(, 04.10.2023)

Minth Automo

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