China’s Linglong building its factory without required permits

In a statement, the Regulatory Institute of Renewable Energy and the Environment (RERI) said that neither the Municipal Administration of the city of Zrenjanin, nor the relevant authorities of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, have approached the Institute in regard to obtaining an environmental protection document needed for the Chinese company Linglong International to start constructing its factory near Zrenjanin, although they are explicitly bound to do so by law.

As noted, Linglong was obliged to obtain a letter of authorization from the Institute both for the procedure regarding the issuing of a location permit, which is an integral part of a building permit, and for issuing an environmental impact assessment. The Chinese company failed to do both.

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Since the Zrenjanin and Vojvodina authorities, as well as Linglong have failed to fulfil their obligations they are thus acting in contrast with the provisions contained in the Nature Protection Law, the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and the Planning and Construction Law, reads the note.

It is also reported that, so far, 10 building permits have been illegally issued and 3 procedures have been initiated to invalidate the decisions on the environmental impact assessment.

RERI recalls having filed a total of 12 appeals on the decrees adopted by the relevant authorities and initiated three administrative disputes asking for the annulment of illegitimate decisions.

The press release warns that the Carska Bara special nature reserve lies only 2km from the place where the construction of the tire factory will take place. Carska Bara is the category I protected area of ​​international and national importance and home to 239 bird species, 207 of which are protected by law.

For this reason, RERI has publicly revealed that the construction of the tire factory in Zrenjanin is underway, “thanks to illegal procedures and abuse of public authority with violation of legal system of the Republic of Serbia “.

(Nova, 08.10.2020)


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