China’s Haitian to open a 250,000sqm production complex in Ruma

The Chinese company Haitian Machinery will build a factory complex for the production of industrial injection machines and cutting and casting machines in Ruma, Vojvodina.

The complex will span 250,000 m2, and the production of a total of 250 machines a year is planned, as shown in the project’s draft, prepared by the Belgrade-based company Masinoprojekt Kopring.

This Chinese company, the biggest global producer of under-pressure-injection machines, announced that it would invest USD 100 million in the factory. The planned production capacity of the Ruma factory is 160 machines for plastic injection, 60 CNC cutting machines and 30 machines for the production of cast elements.

The construction of a production hall, a head office building, but also a recreational centre for the employees with a restaurant, sports courts and a fountain, is planned as well.

The complex will also have a facility for the treatment of technological waste waters, as well as waste, chemicals and oil storage facilities.

Around 297 parking spaces are also planned, including the construction of internal traffic routes.

The investment has been estimated as the biggest one in Ruma in the past three decades. As the president of the Municipality of Ruma, Aleksandra Ciric, said during the signing of the agreement with the Chinese company, Haitian will employ around 300 workers, with a projected average salary of EUR 650 to over EUR 1,000, and the opening of the factory will also be an opportunity for local suppliers.

(, 27.01.2023)


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