China’s Haitian Company arrives in Ruma; record investment of 100 million euros

The municipal government of Ruma (Vojvodina) and the Chinese company Haitian have signed an agreement on the sale of land in the Rumska Petlja industrial zone where the Chinese multinational will invest 100 million euros in the construction of several production facilities.

Haitian is the world’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines, with 56,000 injection moulding machines produced by 2021 and annual sales of more than 2.2 billion euros. Haitian operates under the Haitian Group Holding which manufactures various industrial equipment, including injection moulding machines, casting machines on pressure moulds, CNC machines, robots, automation and servo drives.

Haitian has purchased two plots in the Ruma industrial zone spanning  36.5 hectares. In the first phase, it plans to build production facilities and an office building spanning 100,000 square meters. They aim to reach a production capacity of 2,500 injection moulding machines.

Ruma’s mayor Aleksandra Ćirić said the investment will have an extremely positive impact on Ruma’s economy, and the company would employ mainly by a highly skilled workforce, around 300 workers, with the average salary expected to range from 650 to over 1,000 euros.

The plan is also to train future employees with the view of updating their technical knowledge and skills. According to Haitian’s CEO, the company is expanding its production bases and investing in Serbia, with the goal of creating a new production base which has good connections to the port of Rijeka and roads leading Europe, from where it can cover European markets, as well as those in Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, India, and even the United States.

“Given the location, industrial opportunities, availability of skilled workforce, and land, the company chose Ruma, deciding that our municipality is the best place to invest and establish a production base,” the mayor concluded.

(Euronews, 11.05.2022)

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