China is just beginning to invest in Serbia

Large infrastructure and capital projects in Serbia, in which Chinese companies participate, will continue in 2021 too, while Chinese investments in real estate, logistics centres, food production and various cooperatives in the field of agriculture can be expected, although Serbia has a problem in the fragmentation of farms.

This is according to Tomislav Despić, director of the Eastern Europe office of the Chinese company Tojoy, which operates in Belgrade as a platform for connecting Serbian and Chinese companies.

“Investments in medicine and health are also possible because the pandemic has put all that in the forefront: mobile clinics, portable medical equipment and devices and supplements,” Despić said in an interview for the magazine Biznis, adding that tourism would also be important in the cooperation between the two countries.

Moreover, Serbian companies have a chance on the Chinese market. As he said, there is a very wide range of products that the Chinese want – from primary agricultural products, cosmetics, pet food, branded toys, clothes, to sophisticated technologies, applied artificial intelligence and green technologies.

The advantage of cooperation with China, as he says, is that the country creates two-way cooperation.

“President Xi Jinping said at the 17+1 online summit in February this year that China intends to import goods and services worth more than $170 billion from CEE countries in the next five years. China always wants a strong and reliable partner, because it also sees its strength in him,” Despić points out.

(B92, 26.04.2021)



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