Children’s theatre festival in Belgrade in July and August

From July 2 to the end of August, a summer children’s theatre marathon will be held every Saturday and Sunday in the courtyard of the Kapetan Miša building in Belgrade. All performances will start at 11:00 am.

The Children’s Theatre Festival is organized by the Teatrijum Theatre and Alek Kavčić Foundation, and all performances for children and their parents will be free of charge.

“In addition to education, our foundation believes that it is very important for children to develop the habit of going to the theatre, and the best time to form this habit is at an early age. Also, it is important to us that children going to the theatre is not dependent on the financial standing of their parents. That is why we support this theatre festival,” said Professor Alek Kavčić, founder of the eponymous foundation.

(Danas, 26.06.2022)


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