Children are more than welcome! – Three places for parents and children alike in and around Belgrade

How many times did you stumble across an idyllic, quiet, lovely little place, perfect to spend a day with your family, only to find out that there is nothing for your children to do there? And we all know what happens when children are bored, or forced to stay in confined spaces.

The entire outing could end up being your worst nightmare, with children running around, trying to spend their accumulated energy (as children do), other guests being annoyed with the noise and the mayhem, and you, the parent, wishing for the earth to open up and swallow you whole because you are so embarrassed.

Fortunately, catering and hospitality industry in general have realized that children need to be accommodated as much as parents do, and that they deserve a nice day out as well. It is obvious that children’s experiences are hugely shaped by the places where they spend their time, so why not make these places both child- and parent-friendly?

In the second part of our little reportage about such places, we exploring Belgrade and its surrounding area in a search for great places for children and parents. 

Here is our pick:

  1. AQUARIUM AND TROPICARIUM – 3, Milenka Vesnica

Opening hours: noon – 8pm (working days), 9am to 4pm (weekends)

The first public aquarium and tropicarium in Belgrade was opened less than a year ago. This water oasis is located on Senjak and reveals an undersea world that we did not have the opportunity to see in Belgrade before. In a beautiful setting, spanning an area of 400 square metres, you can see piranhas, Nemo fish, corals from the Red Sea, lobsters, eels, and the fish from the Amazon and Hawaii.

Interestingly, it was opened by enthusiasts and the aquarium is being funded by donations, while the entrance is free. In order to help its day-to-day running, you could maybe donate the food for fish, turtles, parrots, lizards and snakes in the place provided for it, which is located on the left side of the entrance as a thank you for enjoying the beautiful ambience of the Aquarium and Tropicarium.

School-age children can see most of their biology classes live here, biology and veterinary students can study ecosystems, fish and animals from their curriculum here, while the rest of the population can learn about preserving fish, plants and small animals, their role in improving the quality of life on our planet.

2.SALAŠ STREMEN (The Stremen Farm) – 40 minute drive from Belgrade Arena, just outside the village of Jakovo

                Reservations required (phone no. +381 62 500 410 and +381 63 16 22 456)

This beautiful place is not only a typical farm but it is also a home to a riding club, a riding school, a restaurant, a pumpkin, nettle and cabbage festival, children’s playground, a wedding venue, and a family meeting place. Here, parents will have peace and children can indulge in various activities.

The farm’s restaurant serves the top quality gourmet cuisine with dishes such as homemade goulash, turkey with gnocchi, Schneenockerln, poppy pie and many others. Stremen is also the place where riding competitions are held regularly. There are also various entertainment programmes for children, an old crafts fair, the Stremen Art Colony, and the traditional Easter gathering. The farm is only 20km from Belgrade, situated between the village of Jakovo and the Sava River.

3.S CLUB – 10, Jakovacke Desetine, village of Jakovo

S CLUB is also located in Jakovo, is about 34 minutes drive from Belgrade Arena, and quite easy to find. This is a real resort, where you can enjoy in a water park, restaurants, summer gardens, lie on deck chairs under canopies near the resort’s swimming pools, or play sport.

The resort has 12 water slides and 8 swimming pools, for adults and children. S CLUB has the largest swimming pool in Serbia, a water jungle for children of all ages, a pool for the youngest children with various attractions, a tropical pool with a water bar and a palm island.

Furthermore, S CLUB has a wellness and a spa centre, known for its face and body rejuvenation treatments, anti-stress massages, weight loss programmes, and energy boost programmes. If you want to spend the night at the resort, the S Club Hotel has 50 accommodation units that can take up to 160 people. The hotel offers standard rooms and suites, superior rooms and apartments and luxury apartments. The hotel guests can use the water park and the services of the wellness & spa centre free of charge.

The club’s restaurant, called “Karadjordjev Vrt”, is a complementary mix of traditional and modern dishes, offering a unique hedonistic experience. You can eat outdoor, near the swimming pool, or indoor. The restaurant also features a fireplace that creates a cozy environment in winter.

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