Cheapest square metre of residential space in Tutin, the most expensive in Belgrade

The average price of newly built apartments in Serbia in the first half of this year was 166,764 dinars per square metre.

Prices ranged from 47,514 dinars per square metre in Tutin (Southwest Serbia), to 395,633 dinars in the municipality of Savski Venac in Belgrade, said the State Statistical Office.

The most expensive apartments are located in the Belgrade municipalities, where the average price was 226,589 dinars per square metre.

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In addition to Belgrade, real estate is considered expensive in Čajetina, Novi Sad, Vrnjačka Banja, Užice, Kragujevac and in three municipalities of Niš – Crveni krst, Mediana and Palilula.

The average size of the newly built apartments averages around 54 square metres.

(RTS, 16.09.2020)

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