Cheapest mobile internet in the world – Serbia in 72nd place

Israel has the cheapest mobile Internet in the world and, among the 230 countries analysed, Serbia ranks 72nd, Euractiv Serbia reports, based on research by a British telecommunications website.

In Serbia, one GB of mobile data costs an average of $1.30. Of the Western Balkan countries, only North Macedonia has cheaper mobile Internet ($0.96). North Macedonia is ranked 52nd, Montenegro 112th (2.12), Bosnia and Herzegovina 126th (2.39), Albania 141st (2.80). Croatia is in 122nd place with $2.35 per GB.

The average price of a GB of mobile data in Israel is $0.05 while the most expensive mobile Internet, $49.6 per GB, is in Equatorial Guinea. Kyrgyzstan ranks second out of the countries with the cheapest mobile Internet where a GB of mobile data costs an average of $0.15, while the Fiji Islands rank third, with $0.19 per GB.

In fourth place is Italy, which has the cheapest mobile internet in Western Europe. Italians pay an average of $0.27 per GB of mobile data, followed by France (0.41), San Marino (0.43) and Denmark (0.79).

(Politika, 13.04.2021)

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