Cheaper mobile data in roaming as of next summer

European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel has said that using mobile data in roaming will be cheaper next year for EU citizens and the Western Balkan countries, which will all pay a unique price of EUR 0.70 per megabyte.

“Providers have undertaken to offer data packages with prices of one megabyte several times lower than the current ones from 1st August, 2018. Our goal is to have single price for all Western Balkans and EU countries of EUR 0.7 per megabyte as of July 2019”, Gabriel said.

Gabriel has also said that she expected one megabyte to cost 45 cents in 2020 and 20 cents by 2021. She underlined that the lower prices would pertain to mobile internet, and not to calls.

“There’s also a plan for an expansion of the regional roaming agreement, which has existed between providers in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and B&H since 2014. On 13th June, at the Digital Summit EU – Western Balkans, the agreement will be extended to include all the Balkan”, Gabriel said.

On 17th May, at the EU – Western Balkans Summit in Sofia, EUR 30 million was set aside for investments in the broadband network in the Western Balkans.

(N1, 19.05.2018)




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