Cheap Moldovan honey jeopardizes local honey production in Serbia

According to data from the Association of Beekeeping Organizations (SPOS), a local company imported 40 tonnes of honey from Moldova to Serbia at the end of April alone.

The honey was imported at a price of 2.2 euro per kilogramme and soon, according to the organization, more Moldovan honey will be imported by Serbia.

The president of SPOS, Rodoljub Zivadinovic, said that until now, Serbia had imported very small quantities of honey, and these were mainly products from exclusive countries and locations.

“We have been saying since 2009 that we need to create our own national brand in order to resist cheaply imported products,” warns Zivadinovic.

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He added that SPOS knew that “an increasingly tough fight against counterfeiting would eventually lead to the import of honey of dubious quality at unrealistically low prices.

“We can only fight it through labelling jars with Serbian honey as ‘Our honey’ so that consumers can recognize the imported and the locally harvested honey,” he said.

This import of honey leads to the “collapse of beekeeping,” says Zivadinovic and adds:”More precisely, it causes problems with our export to Croatia and Italy because they are flooded with Chinese honey.”

As Zivadinovic explains, the only solution for Serbian honey is “the positioning of a local product with a guarantee of quality”. It must be special packaging in order to distinguish it from imported honey.

“The import of honey is legitimate and legal, because the market is open, but this is not right for domestic producers,” he concludes.

(B92, 25.05.2020)



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