Chaos at the Bulgarian-Greek border – Serbian tourists finally allowed in Greece

Serbian citizens who drove to Greece via Bulgaria yesterday reported that they had been refused entry at the border where they were informed that they would only be able to enter Greece on 1 July.

“We left for Greece via Bulgaria, we crossed Bulgaria quite normally, and as soon as we arrived at the Greek border they stopped us, took our documents and told us to move aside. There are about fifty people here with their families; there are also small children. The Greek border control also said that we can’t pass because the number of infected people in Belgrade has increased in the last few hours and they won’t accept Serbian citizens until July 1st,” said Dragana Bjelic, a Serbian citizen.

Another Serbian citizen, Igor Milovanović, contacted the N1 TV by e-mail, saying that despite information from the Serbian government that the Greek border would be open to Serbian citizens from 15 June, about 200 people were refused entry to Greece yesterday morning.

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“There are more and more of us, people are desperate,” Milovanovic reported.

The Serbian consulate in Thessaloniki was previously informed that the Evzoni crossing from North Macedonia would be closed until July 1, while, in the meantime, the news came that Serbian citizens had been banned from entering Greece also through Bulgaria.

The Greek government, following intensive diplomatic talks that lasted all day, decided late yesterday evening to allow Serbian citizens to cross the border.

The Serbian government is supposed to receive a document today which would guarantee all Serbian citizens of the country the smooth crossing of the border between Bulgaria and Greece.

The Serbian consul in Athens, Milan Vukosavljevic, said that Serbian tourists have already started crossing the border crossings and are heading to their summer destinations.

(Danas, 16.06.2020)


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