Changes to the Law on Travel Documents: issue of a new passport six months or more before the expiration of the document

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that changes to the Law on Travel Documents would allow citizens to apply for a new passport six months or more before the expiry of the previously issued document.

Explaining the draft law on amendments to the Law on Travel Documents in the Serbian Parliament, Stefanovic stressed that this was particularly important in the case of travel to countries which legislation requires a certain period of validity of the passport as a condition for entry.

“Now, the passport holders don’t have to publish the loss of their travel document in the Official Gazette, because it is already published on the website of the Ministry of Interior, thus freeing citizens from the costs they have incurred so far,” said Stefanovic.

Stefanovic also pointed out that the proposed law allows Serbian citizens to exercise their rights more effectively and more easily, noting that these legal solutions are part of the reforms implemented by the Serbian government with the aim of simplifying administrative procedures.

Explaining the proposed international agreements, he said that the memorandum of understanding between the Serbian Ministry of Interior and the U.S. Department of National Security on promoting cooperation to prevent terrorists from traveling and combating illegal migration should lead to a common goal, namely the fight against terrorism as a direct threat to world security.

“The agreement with Tunisia will allow our citizens living in that country to obtain a driver’s license without having to take a special examination and the same will apply to the Tunisian citizens living in Serbia,” explained the Interior Minister.

He also underlined that the agreement with the European Police Office strengthens cooperation in the fight against international crime and that various cooperation agreements in emergency situations should be approved by the Parliament.

(eKapija, 12.11.2019)

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