Changes to Labour Law are imminent

Labour and Employment Minister, Zoran Djordjevic announces the Labour Law will be changed soon, with an emphasis on combating shadow economy.

“We want to have a completely different, modern Serbia where you can predict which area needs a particular worker profile or a particular investment. We also want both new and existing investors to be informed of this. One of the priorities that our Ministry has is to step up its fight against shadow economy in the following period. By doing so, we are going to help companies to become more competitive both here and globally”, Djordjevic explains.

“The Labour Law will not be drastically changed for now, but we will change some stipulations. On top of this, we are also going to change the Law on Social and Pension Insurance and the changes will stipulate that employers would have to register their new workers immediately after hiring them. We are also planning to adopt a set of laws that would regulate leasing of workers, seasonal jobs and sick leave”, Djordjevic adds.

Companies say that the government should focus on fighting unfair competition as one of the main components in combating shadow economy. With only 6,500 inspectors per capita, Serbia is way below the European average. Hence, inspection supervision of both registered and unregistered companies cannot be entirely efficient. Despite this, things are slowly but surely changing for better – out of 250,000 inspections, which were carried out since April last year, 2.5% were done in unregistered companies.

Business community also says that the two main reasons that fuel shadow economy are unregistered workers and employers paying out a big part of worker salaries in cash.

(Dnevnik, 11.11.2017)



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