Changes to Criminal Code: Life imprisonment for rapists and murderers of children and pregnant women

The Serbian Parliament has adopted amendments to the Criminal Code thus introducing life imprisonment without probation for rape and murder of children, pregnant women and disabled persons.

This comes after the initiative launched by the Tijana Juric Foundation, which was signed by 160.000 people.

During the voting in the parliament, Tijana’s father, Igor Juric was present in the Parliament gallery, The MPs welcomed him with applause. Igor Juric established the foundation named after his daughter who was brutally raped and murdered at the age of 15.

His presence was accompanied by applause.

The adopted amendments to the Criminal Code terminate the sentence of 30 to 40 years of imprisonment and instead introduce a life sentence for the most serious crimes.

This life in prison sentence is also foreseen for acts of murder of the representatives of the highest state bodies, serious acts against constitutional order and security of Serbia, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes against the civilian population, war crimes against wounded and sick, and terrorism.

For these works, the perpetrator can be released only after serving a 27-year prison sentence, which is not the case with murderers of children, pregnant women and disabled persons.

Amendments to the law also stipulate severe penalties for repeated offenders, those who engage in abuse, torture, domestic violence, tax evasion, killing and abuse of animals, preventing an official from performing an official act, attacking an official person at the time of performing an official act, participating in a group that prevents an official person from performing an official act and violent behaviour at sporting events.

Furthermore, the amendments stipulate a new criminal offence – an attack on lawyers – following a request submitted by the Bar Association of Serbia.

(, Beta, 21.05.2019)


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