Changes in law to ban the use of CarGo application

If the amendments to the Serbian Law on Passenger Transport are adopted, Belgrade-based CarGo will no longer be able to be engaged in transporting Belgrade citizens – said today the director of CarGo, Vuk Guberinic.

He told reporters that these amendments will, in essence, ban the use of the CarGo application and as a result, only regular taxi drivers will be allowed to transport passengers in Belgrade.

“Our company will be extinguished, and our partners will lose their jobs. Our customers will be at loss too because the quality of transport services will drop while the transport prices will jump”, Guberinic said, urging MPs not to support the amendments to the Law on Passenger Transport.

According to him, the state should recognize the quality of the transportation services offered by CarGo and respect the company’s right to work.

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“We do not ask for concessions from the state or its subsidies. The only thing we need is the environment to work in where we don’t have to worry about our drivers being harassed or beaten in the streets. We want the state to provide the framework in which we are going to have fair and equal work conditions, just like regular taxi drivers do”, added Guberinic.

Speaking about taxi drivers deciding to go on a hunger strike in protest, Guberinic said that he was sorry that they chose that way to fight for their rights and that he hoped that the taxi drivers would find a more reasonable way to get their point across.

“Unlike taxi drivers, CarGo is fighting for his rights to invest in which that will result in a more favourable and safer transportation service for the citizens of Belgrade,” he said.

He added that the Commission for the Protection of Competition of Serbia did send its opinion regarding the matter to the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, in which the Commission stated that the new conditions for performing transport services could limit healthy market competition and be detrimental to the people who used services like CarGo’s. 

CarGo is a Belgrade-based company that was launched in 2015 with a view of offering transportation to the citizens of Belgrade via an application and thus ensure fast, safe and convenient driving services.

(Novi Magazin, 25.10.2018)




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