Chamber of Commerce: Digitalization streamlines the system for businesses

Beginning with September 1, Serbian businesses are now able to get confirmations, certificates, opinions, import-export documents and customs tariffs through the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) web portal at

As said at the presentation of the portal, the news system will enable users to save the money and the time needed for acquiring documentation, as they will no longer need to come to Belgrade to get them. Instead, they will be able to acquire them electronically, from their offices, through their computers, in just a few clicks.

Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Ana Brnabic said at the presentations of the new services provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, held in Belgrade on Tuesday, September 6, that the ministry would also focus on developing electronic services for citizens and the commercial sector in the future and that she would personally set aside a day each week in which to dedicate herself to reducing bureaucracy.

She announced several new electronic services – e-inspector, i.e. linking inspection services, new software for application of Law on General Administrative Procedure, so that citizens will no longer need to “prove to clerks that they were born”, as well as the possibility of using payment cards at the e-government portal.

Marko Cadez, the president of the SCC, stated while presenting the new electronic services that the Chamber issued around 200,000 documents annually, of which 12,000 were confirmations, certificates and opinions.

– Until now, to get any of these papers, you needed to bring all the necessary documentation to the SCC in Belgrade, then had to come again if additional documents were needed and, finally, once more to get the requested document. Now it’s possible to do all this from your work place – Cadez said.

The portal can be accessed and used free of charge, Cadez said and pointed out that the SCC was looking at further improvements and the digitalization phase in 2017.

– We are working on a big digital project, a full digitalization of the chamber system and services which will provide help in digitalizing even small enterprises. If we fail to do this, we will not persevere among the competition in the region and the European Union. E-services are available starting today, and we have already tested them with several companies – said the head of the SCC.

The project of digitalizing the SCC has been developed with the help of the German-Serbian initiative for sustainable growth and employment within the developmental cooperation of the two countries.

The German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittmann expressed his support for the SCC project and pointed out that Germany was cooperating with Serbian partners on various initiatives, including the new service, which had a great impact on the business climate.

– It’s important to continue with numerous reforms initiated by the government in order to draw more foreign investments, and it’s also important to improve the public administration area in this way – Dittmann said and wished them success and many efficient applications.

Miroljub Aleksic, owner of Alco Group, spoke on behalf of the commercial sector and said that electronic services were useful to big systems and small companies alike and that the money and the time saved were considerable. He added that a business entity could authorize another one to acquire documentation on its behalf.

He cited forwarding agents as an example, as they can now acquire papers necessary for export and import on behalf of their clients.

The set of electronic services encompasses four groups of services – issuing seven types of confirmations, certificates and opinions for doing business in Serbia, seven types of import-export certificates and a verification of import-export documents, certificates such as Excellent SME, certificate of controlling private security services and complete customs tariff in electronic form. The new digital SCC system enables the business community to access the customs tariff data directly, including tariff heading, customs rate, tax rate etc.

(eKapija, 07.09.2016)

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