CeSID:””Voter turnout will be over 50%; four parties to exceed threshold”

The executive director of CeSID, Bojan Klacar, expects the voter turnout in the upcoming April elections to be above 50% and reveals that, according to CeSID research, four political parties/organizations are expected to cross the 3% threshold.

He said that the coalition gathered around the SNS and SPS will definitely win parliamentary seats and that the coalition around the SSP and the People’s Party (NS), as well as the coalition of the green left, will also reach this goal.

Klacar said that December research shows that the NS will surpass the 50 per cent threshold and that “the coalition around the SSP and the People’s Party is the strongest opposition candidate”. “There are three or four other political organizations that are expected to get at least 3% of votes and thus have a chance of entering parliament,” Klačar said, adding that it is difficult to predict which organizations are these.

Klacar also claims that research shows that the green left coalition will probably get between 5 and 7% of votes and that it has risen thanks to environmental protests and the courage to tackle hot topics. As for the turnout, Klacar predicts that it will be above 50%.

(Dnevnik, 31.01.2021)



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