CeSID’s projections – Head-to-head between SNS and Serbia Against Violence in Belgrade

CeSID’s projections for the elections to the new Belgrade Assembly put the SNS and Serbia against Violence coalition head-to-head – 38 percent of votes for the former and 35 percent for the latter.

They are followed by the NADA coalition with 6 percent, the Mi, Glas Naroda election ticket with 5.4 percent and the Socialist Party of Serbia with 4.8 percent.

Based on these results, the seats in the capital’s new assembly convocation would be distributed as follows:

SNS: 47 seats;

Serbia Against Violence: 44 seats

NADA coalition: 7 seats

Mi, glas naroda – 6 seats

Socialist Party of Serbia: 6 seats

In light of these results, the SNS and Socialist Party of Serbia will have to collaborate with either with the NADA or Mi, Glas Naroda election tickets to have the 56-seat majority in the Belgrade Assembly.

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