CeSID: Election results reported in real time

Representatives of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) said that, once the polls close on Sunday, 2nd April, they would report about results of the presidential election in real time, as they arrive from polling stations.

Executive Director of CeSID, Bojan Klacar said at a press conference in Belgrade that the results displayed in real time would not be an estimation of election results, and that CeSID would announce their final projection once the results counted on the basis of the representative sample arrive.

Klacar added that transparency was the main reason for showing election results in real time, adding that there was a new technology available for that purpose, and that Serbia should keep up with the rest of the world in that respect.

He went on to say that CeSID’s sample usually corresponded to final results, and that discrepancies could indicate irregularities.

Klacar also warns that there could be great fluctuations in the results because the coverage will be live. He also explains that the first results to arrive will be from the smallest polling stations (under 100 voters), followed by the polling stations with 2,000 voters.

He underlines that CeSID is not monitoring the election results on anybody’s behalf or to anybody’s benefit, and adds that their work methodology has been the same for 20 years,

CeSID will have a total of 700 observers at 600 polling stations, apart from Kosovo and Metohija, in the diaspora and in prisons.

(Blic, 29.03.2017)


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