CEPER: 83% of the people in the region want a ceasefire

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for almost a year, with at least 100,000 casualties on both sides. All Western countries are united in condemning Russia’s aggression, but they have different opinions on how to handle the conflict.

The growing exhaustion from the war, which has already been going on for a year, is increasing the anxiety among European leaders. Even in the Central European countries neighbouring or close to Ukraine, the overwhelming majority of the population wants a ceasefire or peace, and not the continuation of the war. In the twelve Central European states surveyed in January 2023, 25% of respondents were in favour of a ceasefire, 58% were in favour of peace, and only 9% were in favour of the continuation of the war”.

These are the overall results of a public opinion survey that the public opinion polling and analysis company, Central European Perspectives Plc (CEPER) conducted in the region of Central Europe, Serbia included.

The survey has also shown that pro-peace views are in the absolute majority in almost all countries in the region. Only in Croatia (49%) and Poland (47%) were slightly fewer people in favour of peace, but even in these countries, it is by far the most popular scenario.

A mutual ceasefire agreement seems to be a more realistic scenario, which is favoured by 45% of Croats, 35% of Serbs and 34% of Czechs.

Montenegrins, Hungarians and Slovaks are the most united in their support for a ceasefire and a peace agreement, with more than 95% in favour of ending the armed conflict. Poles are the most sceptical about the possibility of a ceasefire, but still, more than two-thirds (69%) want the war to end. However, support for continuing the war is also the highest in Poland.

As for the expected length of the Russian-Ukrainian war, only 3% of the population of the twelve Central European countries are confident that the war will end next month and 39% are expecting that the war will end this year (42% in total). The same number of people think that the war will drag on – 41% of Central Europeans believe that it could take years to end.

In terms of the popularity of Vladimir Putin in Central European countries, in November 2021, 77% of Serbs, 60% of Bulgarians and 57% of Slovaks had a “rather positive” opinion of Vladimir Putin, but the region as a whole did not support the Russian president even then. Only 10% of Poles, 21% of Austrians and 31% of Romanians had a positive opinion of him.

After a year of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the situation has changed significantly. While 59% of traditionally pro-Russian Serbs still have a positive opinion of Putin, his popularity has declined sharply in all other countries in the region. Only 1% of Poles, 2% of Romanians, 5% of Croats, 6% of Czechs and 7% of Austrians have a positive opinion of him. These countries also have the highest disapproval rates, hovering above 85%. In Hungary (60%), Bulgaria (62%) and Slovakia (71%), there is also a clear majority of those who have a negative opinion of the Russian president.

(Biznis i Finansije, CEPER, 23.02.2023)


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