CEO of Telekom Serbia:”5G network to be launched soon”

“5G network will arrive in Serbia very soon, at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2025, as soon as the tender for the additional frequency range is launched. We are already installing base stations all across the country, which are ready for 5G, and as soon as we get the frequency, we will launch 5G network first in the biggest cities and then in the rest of the country”, said Vladimir Lučić, CEO of Telekom Serbia, at RTS.

This year, Telekom Srbija launched a 5G network in Montenegro, which covers the largest cities and tourist centres.

Media and telecommunications expert Milos Stojković says that 5G is a very ambitious project requiring substantial investment and that a regulation on the minimum conditions for a public auction needs to be passed. He mentioned that the document was supposed to be discussed by the Serbian Parliament in September last year, indicating that it is ready but has been postponed for some reason.

„It’s stuck on some formal reasons, because the line ministry hasn’t adopted the necessary documents to move to the next phase, i.e. to conduct the spectrum auction, and this situation has persisted for over three years. Specifically, it involves a regulation that should define the minimum conditions for a public auction for the three frequencies that can be used for 5G, but the adoption of that document has been postponed several times now. We had some announcements that it could be up for public discussion as early as last September, which indicates that the document is ready, but we don’t know why it is being delayed”, Stojković added.

When asked by why Serbian Telekom is investing in Montenegro but not here, he said that the regulator there has fulfilled its obligations.

„First, the regulator in Montenegro completed the spectrum auction last summer, creating the necessary prerequisites. The state did its homework, so operators could invest in the network, develop it, and put it into commercial use. That’s not the situation here in Serbia“, Stojković added.

(Blic, N1, 30.06.2024)

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